came about because I wanted to put truth and beauty into the world. I look for visual representations that share my values and turn them into buttons which can be worn and shown to others.


The Artists

Alvaro Lopez Alejo

Cara Lai

is a Dharma teacher, artist and occasionally dabbles as a wilderness guide, psychotherapist, storyteller and songwrite.  She grew up in Massachusetts and since then she can't seem to settle down anywhere, even though she's very good a sitting still.  In her spare time she enjoys walking slowly. You can see more of her art at her website

Jane Duderstadt

is an artist, organic farmer, activist, companion to her dogs and sports fan. In her art, Jane uses her gardens, family and natural and city habitats as inspiration. But the real subject of her work is color and shape and how it can create movement and energy.


Patti Nazarko

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